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BBC Assignment: WWI Centenary

From the legacy of shell shock to weapons of mass destruction, pupils in Y9 have been reflecting on the Centenary of World War One.

Jac’s starting point is the terrible lack of understanding about shell shock during WW1, and he takes us back on a journey through the history of mental illness to try to discover why tortured soldiers were treated with such callous disregard. He then considers how post-traumatic stress disorder is handled today, asking some difficult questions.

In 'The Life For a Child in WWI', Louis brings us an exclusive interview with his great grandmother, a fascinating insight into the repercussions of WWI for those children who were born between 1914-1918. Gregory also interviews elderly relatives in 'Remembering WW1: The Men Who Gave Us Their Freedom', and considers what might have happened if such personal sacrifices had not happened. George has been reviewing some of the different and very moving ways that the war was commemorated on the Centenary in this article.

Jared and Luke interview Whitgift's Archivist, Mr William Wood, in a preview of the exhibition 'Remembering 2016: Life on the Western Front', which the School is hosting in 2016.

In this audio slideshow, Konrad paints a detailed picture of life in the trenches.

Pupils Robert and Joe interviewed two of their teachers – a history teacher and an ex-army captain – about how army recruitment and war casualties have changed since WWI, and put together this video.


  • Whitgift Remembers WWI

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