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In accordance with the Code of Practice for the conduct of external qualifications produced by JCQ, Whitgift School is committed to ensuring that:

  • Internal assessments are conducted by staff who have the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills;
  • Assessment evidence provided by the candidates has been produced and authenticated according to the requirements of the specification;
  • The consistency of the internal assessment is secured through internal standardisation as necessary;
  • Staff responsible for internal standardisation and/or assessment attend any compulsory training sessions.

Written Appeals Procedure

Appeals can be made to the School regarding the procedures used in arriving at internal assessment decisions, but not the actual mark or grade.

A parent of guardian wishing to appeal against the procedures used in internal assessment must make the appeal in writing to the School's Examinations Officer: appeals should normally be made by 30th April for examinations in the summer series.

On receipt of a written appeal an enquiry into the internal assessment will be conducted by the Examinations Officer and the Coursework Coordinator (Mr K.A. Smith) provided that neither has played a part in the original assessment process. This enquiry will consider whether the procedures used in the internal assessment conformed to the published requirements of the Awarding Body.

The appellant will be informed in writing of the outcome of the appeal, including details of any relevant communication with the Awarding Body and of any steps taken to further protect the interests of the candidates.

Note: Each Awarding Body must moderate the assessment and the final judgement on marks awarded is that of the Awarding Body. Appeals against matters outside the School's control will not be considered in the School's appeals procedure.

The existence of this procedure is made known to pupils and their parents/guardians by being available on the School's web-site, A copy is available on request from the Examinations Officer.

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