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Extended Essay (EE)

The Extended Essay is a thorough, independent investigation into a subject which truly interests students. It is a fantastic opportunity to get a feel for university-style work: with the help of a supervisor here at Whitgift, students will research, plan and write an essay of 4,000 words on a theme which inspires them. The academic standard expected is very high and students must write an abstract, bibliography and fully reference their answers; this serves as excellent preparation for higher education. It is started at the end of the Lower Sixth and completed at the start of the Upper Sixth. Previous titles highlight the fact that the scope for investigation really is extremely wide and pupils really can focus on what it is that stimulates them:

  • To what extent would a 20% sales tax on sugar-sweetened soft drinks be effective in correcting the market failure of overconsumption in the United Kingdom?
  • The line between fiction and reality in David Henry Hwang’s ‘Yellow Face’
  • The origins of Athenian democracy
  • To what extent can parallels be drawn between Bushido and the way in which Japanese soldiers were trained and fought during WWII?
  • To what extent can a mathematical equation, Xn+1 = rXn (1- Xn), predict the behaviour of population growth?
  • What is required for a parasitic conjoined twin to be considered a person?

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