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Headmaster's Blog

Embracing individuality

At Whitgift we recognise each candidate and student is individual in our sociall...

Date published: Mon 20 Jan 2020

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Supporting commitment, hard work and ambition

Preparing students for their path in life. ...

Date published: Mon 13 Jan 2020

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Optimism for the year ahead

Whitgift's 10 reasons to be cheerful this term....

Date published: Mon 6 Jan 2020

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Full steam ahead in Michaelmas Term

Admist the hustle and bustle of the festive season, quiet endeavours still conti...

Date published: Mon 2 Dec 2019

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Theory before Practice

Having a good basis. ...

Date published: Mon 25 Nov 2019

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Being part of something bigger

The balance between individual and team....

Date published: Mon 18 Nov 2019

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Life lessons from sport

Engendering team spirit and fostering dedication....

Date published: Mon 11 Nov 2019

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Stopping and thinking

This part of the half term is hard work, so remember to stop and think....

Date published: Mon 4 Nov 2019

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HM Guest Blog

This blog was kindly contributed by Zain Peerbhoy, School Captain....

Date published: Thu 17 Oct 2019

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Knowing our sense of purpose

Black Alumni of Whitgift School (BAWS) brings together alumni and students to su...

Date published: Mon 14 Oct 2019

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The Purpose of University

University should encourage students to treat each other equally, to have equal ...

Date published: Thu 3 Oct 2019

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Building healthy balanced lives

Our boys get a lot out of helping other people...

Date published: Mon 30 Sep 2019

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Everyone giving their best

Our School community pull together on a sunny Saturday....

Date published: Mon 23 Sep 2019

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Global Citizenship

Helping Whitgftians think early about their place in the world...

Date published: Mon 9 Sep 2019

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New beginnings

Looking to the year ahead...

Date published: Mon 2 Sep 2019

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HM Guest Blog

This week, the Headmaster's Blog is supplemented by student Kohei Wada in Lo...

Date published: Thu 27 Jun 2019

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Whitgift 2025: Our Vision

Outlining plans for the coming generations...

Date published: Mon 17 Jun 2019

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Taking shape for the next year

Vision for the next generation of Whitgiftians...

Date published: Mon 10 Jun 2019

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Seeing the bigger picture

How challenges mould who you are...

Date published: Mon 3 Jun 2019

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Lifting the spirits

There is plenty to lift the spirits at this important exam time...

Date published: Mon 20 May 2019

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Whitgift's many endeavours

Charitable fundraising, theatre and tank designs...

Date published: Mon 13 May 2019

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Legacy – being part of something bigger

Developing in line with the School’s founding values...

Date published: Tue 7 May 2019

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Leadership and Service

Use your good fortune for good....

Date published: Mon 29 Apr 2019

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A strong finish is vital

Keeping momentum during the longer terms....

Date published: Mon 1 Apr 2019

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Doing the best at what you do

It is great to see the breadth of what our boys can do, as well as the heights t...

Date published: Mon 25 Mar 2019

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Balance is crucial

Helping the boys grow in maturity so they achieve balance....

Date published: Mon 18 Mar 2019

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Individual learning is one of the real fundamentals of education

Experiencing ‘doing it yourself’ is of course one of life’s great educational ex...

Date published: Mon 11 Mar 2019

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Growth this springtime

The message of an individual moment can be as powerful as the team win....

Date published: Mon 4 Mar 2019

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Plenty of excitement to look forward to

Keeping momentum is key....

Date published: Mon 4 Feb 2019

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Settling in

People work with people and relate to people, it's all about relationships....

Date published: Mon 28 Jan 2019

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Attitude to learning

Developing the independent, thoughtful, critical, informed but individual mind i...

Date published: Mon 21 Jan 2019

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An exhilarating start to the year

Entrance exams, Oxbridge results and success in national hockey and rugby fixtur...

Date published: Mon 14 Jan 2019

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Whitgiftian values

Helping our students be their best selves....

Date published: Tue 4 Dec 2018

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Top 10 tips for school leavers

Be proud, but be humble too....

Date published: Mon 26 Nov 2018

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Trivia: not as trivial as you might think

Many things are worth doing, reading, watching, experiencing for no other reason...

Date published: Wed 21 Nov 2018

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Academic-prepping: a topic for debate

Good questioners are not only good learners, they naturally want to push boundar...

Date published: Mon 19 Nov 2018

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A plethora of trips offering a transformative experience

This half term including trips to Valencia, Urawa and Beijing for linguists, CER...

Date published: Mon 5 Nov 2018

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Purposeful activity and a sense of direction

Good relationships between adults and students offer a supportive environment th...

Date published: Fri 12 Oct 2018

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Enquiry, breadth, active learning and open mindedness

Academic success is built for us on the twin pillars of relationships (knowing a...

Date published: Mon 1 Oct 2018

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Future potential and values

We do activities not just for their own sake, but because they engender values o...

Date published: Wed 26 Sep 2018

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Behaviours which will set you up for Whitgift success

As Whitgiftians we expect you to be courteous, to get willingly out of your comf...

Date published: Tue 18 Sep 2018

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Transitions and moving on to Higher Education

The first few days of a new year are always tinged with some nerves, no matter h...

Date published: Tue 11 Sep 2018

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Back from summer and raring to go

The aims are the same as ever of course...

Date published: Mon 3 Sep 2018

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Graduation and beyond

Purpose, ambition, optimism and goals: pursue your interests and discover what y...

Date published: Tue 26 Jun 2018

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The end of term whirlwind

The real question is what have we learned from it, how have we done it, and how ...

Date published: Mon 18 Jun 2018

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Teamwork, academic interests and a strong work ethic

Getting into the habit of investigating or studying something without the aim of...

Date published: Mon 11 Jun 2018

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Testing ourselves under pressure is no bad thing

Seeing former pupils go on to great things is one of the timeless joys of being ...

Date published: Fri 1 Jun 2018

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Stopping is not normally thought of as a virtue

So take a moment to reflect, as we approach this most important of times...

Date published: Thu 3 May 2018

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Teach, coach, practise and prepare

We so much want the students to do well that we guide every step, tell them what...

Date published: Mon 23 Apr 2018

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It has been a more varied term than usual

That excitement - adrenalin, butterflies, stage fright, call it what you will - ...

Date published: Thu 29 Mar 2018

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Another extraordinary week at Whitgift

The range - musical and drama on stage in consecutive weeks, football and rugby ...

Date published: Wed 21 Mar 2018

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Listening, Presenting and Discipline

Theatre is always as much about teamwork as any other activity: mutual support, ...

Date published: Mon 12 Mar 2018

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The Beast from the East

And here we are at the end of a week which has been bitterly cold, relentlessly ...

Date published: Mon 5 Mar 2018

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Whitgift Foundation and tradition

… for all of us there is a certain element of life which is good fortune, and we...

Date published: Mon 26 Feb 2018

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Education is not meant to be easy, and it’s not meant to be comforting

Hence the vital importance to us of debating, discussion groups, and even lively...

Date published: Tue 20 Feb 2018

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Musical competition

Can music be competitive? It’s a fair question....

Date published: Tue 30 Jan 2018

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Clash, Commitment, Priority and Depth

We all, I take it, agree that the key is making the best of those opportunities,...

Date published: Mon 22 Jan 2018

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Rising to new and interesting challenges

A zest for following an interest, can lead to great things...

Date published: Mon 15 Jan 2018

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Happy New Year

Determination, preparation and a calm head will make you perform better...

Date published: Mon 8 Jan 2018

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Happy Christmas to all our readers

So, now is the time to stop, pause, refresh and reflect....

Date published: Fri 15 Dec 2017

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Attitude and effort vs victory and achievement

The short-term reward is a holiday; the long-term reward is a life attitude whic...

Date published: Mon 4 Dec 2017

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High level sport and soft skills

High levels of school and national commitment makes the boys organised and bette...

Date published: Mon 27 Nov 2017

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Wholehearted commitment in each and every case will reap the obvious rewards

Reading - it must be central to any institution which prioritises thinking, lear...

Date published: Mon 20 Nov 2017

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Everything changes, but humans remain full of an appetite for growth

The story of humanity is not linear progress from vice to virtue, but we do what...

Date published: Mon 13 Nov 2017

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We are in a real engine-room of creativity and achievement

I was told several times that the Autumn Collection concert would be outstanding...

Date published: Fri 27 Oct 2017

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Three cheers for effort and enterprise

Inborn intelligence (‘potential’ would be shorthand) vs taught (and therefore le...

Date published: Mon 16 Oct 2017

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Learning, like teaching, is a human process

It's the connection between the learner and the teacher at a human level whi...

Date published: Mon 9 Oct 2017

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The key and timeless piece of advice was, and is, to read

'The best moments in reading', says Hector in The History Boys, 'are...

Date published: Mon 2 Oct 2017

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Thank you to all those who visited us on Saturday's Open Morning

Thank you, therefore, to all those who visited us on Saturday, for your enthusia...

Date published: Mon 25 Sep 2017

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Activities, Enterprise and Prism

Never has it been more important than today for our best young people to use the...

Date published: Mon 18 Sep 2017

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Back to School

September is an exciting, re-energising time for anyone with a family. ...

Date published: Mon 11 Sep 2017

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