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Headmaster's Blog: Back from summer and raring to goThe aims are the same as ever of course

Date published: Mon 3 Sep 2018  

A final burst of sunshine is hitting the Whitgift site as we prepare for term, the site so superbly nurtured by our estates teams through this hot summer, and we are all gearing up. I am sure readers are too. No matter how often it happens, I personally can never feel anything other than the buzz and adrenaline of a new school year, so it is good to be back.

We’ve had new Lower Firsts and Firsts back this week (on orientation visits, in some cases literally), and all new boys here this last Friday. Staff are back and ready to get going, but we mustn’t forget that many of our community haven’t been away at all. Over the summer, we’ve had some major refurbishments done: all of the Lower School windows (hardly headline, but needed), and a major refit of the English Department, upgrading all rooms to the very best of standards (long overdue). And a resurface of half of the back quad, which entails the opening up of a major new axis route from Maths to Science. I’m aware I’m sounding ominously like a London travel company, perish the thought!

We have some fantastic new staff, not least our new Director of Operations and Finance, the new Director of Learning Kate Goldberg and, helping parents get better access to support and help, a new set of Heads of Year, leading smaller groups of tutors and boys.

The aims are the same as ever of course: I always say to new boys that while they are Whitgiftians we are on their side – our aim is to make them the best they can be. That they need to help each other. And that there are some things we can all do, which require no special talent, but which will ensure we achieve our best: we can all be courteous and polite; we can all help and support, and we can all work as hard as we can, giving our all.

Not rocket science, which I have always thought great schools aren’t!

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