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Headmaster's Blog: Graduation and beyondPurpose, ambition, optimism and goals: pursue your interests and discover what you love over time.

Date published: Tue 26 Jun 2018  

‘You’ve got to have a dream’ sings a character in the now rather passé South Pacific. Well, no you don’t, was one of the points made by Mr Fernie in his moving address at Graduation. Purpose, ambition, optimism, goals yes. But perhaps sometimes we insist in today’s frenetic world that every youngster must have an overriding dream all the time. Some, many do ... which is great, and in a school such as ours, the proportion is almost certainly way above the average. Again, great. But discover what you love over time, was Mr Fernie’s point, and quite right too.

I went from Graduation to an alumni dinner, the Whitgiftian Association’s excellent event, and met with a hundred or so leavers from former years. Younger alumni too, unusually for an event like this, proving that keeping companionship, mutual support and a sense of who you are and where you come from are powerful helps in a tough world.

My thanks to those who have guided this cohort of leavers within the Sixth Form team: Mr Brown, Mr Fernie, Dr Lakin, Mr Turner, Mr Griffiths, Ms Mitchell and Mr O Brown. With a new Head of Sixth Form, and a new structure next year, there will be something of a new start, and the Prefects who have now ‘taken over’ will lead a fresh cohort. And so, as Billy Joel sang, it goes.

With a busy and sunny week beckoning, I wish all an excellent end of term.

  • Upper Sixth Leavers, 2018

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