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Headmaster's Blog: Happy Christmas to all our readersSo, now is the time to stop, pause, refresh and reflect.

Date published: Fri 15 Dec 2017  

I imagine all in the Whitgift community are tired at the end of term, and as we come towards Christmas, inevitably one looks back over what has been a mammoth term. The obvious point about the Michaelmas Term is that it starts in sunshine, summer almost, and ends right in the depth of winter. We cover a lot of ground.

I’ve been asking boys over the weekly lunches I have had what their best moment of the term has been. Apart from one enterprising boy who said ‘this lunch’ (he will go far), their answers have been interesting. Many simply said it has been good, without being able to identify a single moment; others have talked about events (the excellent play of course; music; PRISM talks), or sometimes success in a subject or test. What’s clear is that pretty much every boy has had a wealth and variety of experiences.

So, now is the time to stop, pause, refresh and reflect. Amongst all those experiences, there will be things to learn from and build on, as we prepare ahead – for some boys, for exams, for others new challenges or performances or competitions. The reflecting back is important, so that we don’t just rush from one experience to the next.

So, a happy Christmas to all readers. I hope your holiday will be peaceful and refreshing.

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