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Headmaster's Blog: Back to SchoolSeptember is an exciting, re-energising time for anyone with a family.

Date published: Mon 11 Sep 2017  

September is an exciting, re-energising time for anyone with a family. On goes the uniform or the suit, and whether you are back to a school you know well, or start somewhere new, it’s a big jolt, a big change, but hopefully always a pleasure. It certainly has been for me, and thank you to all those who have made my and my family’s welcome at Whitgift so warm.

Inevitably I end week 1 with a number of impressions. Which ones best sum up Whitgift as it is today, in September 2017? The unexpected (or was it?) fire alarm, nearly 2,000 people safely and calmly emptying the building in less than three minutes (the second such, trying the patience slightly more, has just concluded as I write)? The good start to some new arrangements in dining (boys not always adapting to the new so calmly, as I know)? The news of successful sports tours to South Africa and Biarritz, of trips to Costa Rica and China, as well as closer to home? The excellent GCSE, A Level and above all IB results?

Or the magnificent first Saturday morning, site in sunshine, hundreds of boys and staff in pre-season training, whilst teams travelled to Warwick and Sedbergh (well done to all by the way, and bad luck to a close-fighting 1st XV).

Well, two amongst a number of conversations with boys stand out for me. And by the way, though it is always good to hear ideas and thoughts, I hope the boys and indeed any other readers here will have patience as I organise ways of tapping into ideas … and do remember there are others than me you can talk to!

One is a boy who enthusiastically told me how much he was relishing the challenge of Mandarin. Another came with an idea to harness his interest in graphic design to perhaps make a school publication. In both cases, it’s the seeing and going towards (rather than ducking) challenges which I think and certainly hope make the Whitgift spirit. Going beyond what you thought you could do. Thinking that normal and positive, and supporting each other when we do. Taking the chance we might fail, and relishing and facing that too.

These are big things. But if we can’t think big at the start of the year, when can we? Great to be number 1 boys school at IB (if you followed the hyperlink above): we don’t intend it to be our only number one spot this year, or ever!

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