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School Applications 2017

Applications for 2017 entry

Applications for day places are invited from August 2016 from the parents of boys for 10+, 11+, 12+, 13+, 14+ and Sixth Form entry in 2017.

Boarding commences at 13+ and boarding applications are invited from the parents of boys entering Year 9 (13+) and Sixth Form only.

Applications can be made either by downloading the relevant age-group application form(s) below and submitting the completed form(s) to the Admissions Office, or via our Online Application process (please see online section below).

Applications should be submitted by the following deadline dates:

10+ to 14+ day and 13+ boarding applicants: 30 November 2016

Sixth Form early boarding applicants: 23 September 2016

Sixth Form late boarding applicants (please contact the Admissions Office to check on the availability of places before submitting an application): 30 December 2016

Sixth Form day applicants: 30 December 2016 

Scholarships for 2017 entry

If your son has exceptional talent in Art, Design Technology and Engineering, Drama, Music or Sport and you wish to apply for a scholarship, please complete the appropriate scholarship application form below (either a paper copy or online) and submit with the Whitgift Application Form. For information, all boys who submit the Whitgift Application Form are automatically entered for an Academic Scholarship.

Bursaries for 2017 entry

Parents of prospective day pupils, whose family income is less than approximately £80,000 a year, may apply for a bursary (an income-related fee reduction).  Bursary forms can only be submitted by paper copy to the Whitgift Foundation, North End, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 1SS.  Please click here to download a form.

Online applications for 2017 entry

As an alternative to submitting hard copies of the application forms it is possible to apply online. If applying for a scholarship, please note that the Whitgift Application Form and any scholarship application form(s) should be submitted at the same time.

In order to apply online it will be necessary to have access to a scanner as you will be required to upload various documents such as copies of your son’s last three school reports, a copy of his passport (and visa if applicable), a photograph of your son and any additional relevant documentation (e.g. educational psychologist’s report, testimonials from sports coaches, music tutors etc.).  Payment of the entrance fee will also need to be made online either via PayPal or via bank transfer.  If paying by bank transfer it will be necessary to upload proof of payment.

If wishing to apply for a bursary, the Whitgift Application Form and scholarship forms can be completed online, but please note the bursary form must be downloaded from the website, completed, and sent to The Whitgift Foundation, North End, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 1SS.  Please click here for more information regarding bursaries and to download a bursary form.

To commence an online application, please click here.

Applications for 2018 and 2019

Whitgift only accepts applications for day places a year before the student is due to enter the School. However, there will be a Pre-Test for boys who are considering boarding at 13+ only in September 2018 and 2019. The Pre-Test will take place on Friday 5 May 2017 and the closing date for applications is Friday 24 March 2017. It is not possible to apply online for the Pre-Test.  Please click here to download the Pre-Test Application Form.