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Everything changes, but humans remain full of an appetite for growth

The story of humanity is not linear progress from vice to virtue, but we do what...

Date published: Mon 13 Nov 2017

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We are in a real engine-room of creativity and achievement

I was told several times that the Autumn Collection concert would be outstanding...

Date published: Fri 27 Oct 2017

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Three cheers for effort and enterprise

Inborn intelligence (‘potential’ would be shorthand) vs taught (and therefore le...

Date published: Mon 16 Oct 2017

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Learning, like teaching, is a human process

It's the connection between the learner and the teacher at a human level which m...

Date published: Mon 9 Oct 2017

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The key and timeless piece of advice was, and is, to read

'The best moments in reading', says Hector in The History Boys, 'are when you co...

Date published: Mon 2 Oct 2017

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Thank you to all those who visited us on Saturday's Open Morning

Thank you, therefore, to all those who visited us on Saturday, for your enthusia...

Date published: Mon 25 Sep 2017

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Activities, Enterprise and Prism

Never has it been more important than today for our best young people to use the...

Date published: Mon 18 Sep 2017

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Back to School

September is an exciting, re-energising time for anyone with a family. ...

Date published: Mon 11 Sep 2017

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